News and Information

  Upcoming Plant Sale 

  Start gathering pots or planting seedlings for the May WGC plant sale.

Chapel Hill – Chauncy Hall School Greenhouse Project

  If you are interested in this project contact Jane, Joyce or Nancy E-S.

  Pennies for Pines
  Our club has been asked by the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts to participate in the Pennies for Pines drive, with the goal of collecting
   $ 68 over the course of the year to reforest one acre of local land with native plants (not just pines).  We will have a bag for donations at every
   meeting, so please bring your change and we’ll get to the goal before we know it!

  Monthly Raffle
  You may not be aware that our monthly raffle will be held with a different format.  The exhibiting member for that month will be receiving a $15 
  stipend for the purchase of the flowers involved and this arrangement will become the raffle of the month.  Should the exhibitor use a special
  container which she/he does not want to give up there will be a container available in which to bring the arrangement to the lucky winner’s home.