Annual Club Dues - Please bring to May meeting.

Elections will take place at the May 15 meeting, followed by the Installation Dinner on June 12.  There are still plenty of opportunities to get involved with committees and activities so please speak to any current or future Board members.

 Upcoming Plant Sale and Bake Sale

   Even though there is still snow on the ground, shoots will soon be coming up, which means that the Plant and Bake Sale will be right

   around the corner!  This is a great fundraiser for the Club, as well as a way to connect with the community and share our love of gardening.

   For this event to be successful, we need members to dig up and pot plants from their yards to sell, so please be thinking about what you

   can divide this spring to contribute, as well as baking a treat for shoppers!  Please see the sign-up sheets and printed information at the meeting. 

  WGC 2018 Scholarship

  Any club member interested in obtaining an application for the 2018 WGC scholarship, please contact Connie.

  Chapel Hill – Chauncy Hall School Greenhouse Project

  If you are interested in this project contact Jane, Joyce or Nancy E-S.

  Pennies for Pines
  Our club has been asked by the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts to participate in the Pennies for Pines drive, with the goal of collecting
   $ 68 over the course of the year to reforest one acre of local land with native plants (not just pines).  We will have a bag for donations at every
   meeting, so please bring your change and we’ll get to the goal before we know it!

  Monthly Raffle
  You may not be aware that our monthly raffle will be held with a different format.  The exhibiting member for that month will be receiving a $15 
  stipend for the purchase of the flowers involved and this arrangement will become the raffle of the month.  Should the exhibitor use a special
  container which she/he does not want to give up there will be a container available in which to bring the arrangement to the lucky winner’s home.


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